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Formally recognized as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, and situated in South Asia in the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is bordered by China and India. The country’s capital city Kathmandu is also its largest. Goods entering by sea to Nepal typically come through Calcutta in India, situated along the Hooghly River, and the capital city of West Bengal.

If you want to move to Nepal or need international 미국배송대행 sea shipping services to Nepal, there is some important information you should learn in advance.

When you ship by sea to Nepal, it is very important that you provide a valued inventory of your items written in English. Your inventory should include a description of all of your contents. Packed by owner sometimes abbreviated as “PBO” and miscellaneous are not acceptable descriptions of your personal effects or cargo.

If you are interested in container shipping and plan on shipping electrical and electronic items, please provide specific details about each of these including brand information. In addition, if you are shipping new items to Nepal, you will need to include invoices for these new items.

Other documents you should plan to have available when cargo shipping to Nepal include:

CTD or Customs Transit Declaration for any cargo shipments that will be cleared at Indian ports

  • Letter authorizing Destination Agent to clear your cargo shipment and ocean freight
  • Your contact address where you will move to Nepal and phone number

If you are a Diplomat shipping a Diplomatic shipment, you will need to obtain a Diplomatic Exemption Certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Make sure to provide the CIF (cost, insurance, freight) value of your shipment.

Those who qualify may obtain a Duty Free Exemption Certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Again, the CIF value of the shipment will be required for anyone qualifying for this special exemption. This includes most foreign advisors, exports, and consultants for the Government.

Are you a Foreign National on private contract returning or planning a move to Nepal? If so, you should also plan to provide your passport and a passport for every member of your family, a certificate of your employer stating your sources of income, and an import licensed issued by the Department of Commerce in Nepal.