SEO Strategies That You Should Start Doing in 2022

Despite the perpetually evolving nature of the algorithms behind search engines, organic traffic is still one of, if not the most, valuable and consistent source of conversions and leads for modern businesses. As you prepare for the coming year, you must recognize the importance of a research-based and structured approach to search engine optimization or SEO for short. To aid you in your SEO efforts, we’ll cover a few proven strategies that should enable you to elevate your brand’s online visibility and attract a greater volume of web traffic in 2022.

  1. Focus on the expertise, the authority, and the trust factors

The “EAT” acronym includes three factors of ranking used primarily to determine a digital content’s quality: expertise, authority, and trust. As part of the rater guidelines for the search quality of Google, many look at EAT to be one of the most essential ranking variables to consider when developing your search engine optimization strategy. With that said, below is a brief overview for each factor:

  • Expertise. This is the content’s timeliness, depth, and precision. Securing the services of established experts, auditing the site regularly, and including the author’s bios are all practices that can elevate expertise.
  • Authority. This is all about the quantity and quality of a content’s citations, usually shared in social media and backlinks. In other words, it highlights the relevance and is a type of digital content promotion
  • Trust. As the name suggests, this refers to how people perceive a brand or its website. References from other online domains, brand authority, and compliance to quality standards all factor into trust.

Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) and Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) updates reflect their commitment to giving users relevant content through keyword information. And by focusing on the EAT factors as mentioned above, you’ll put yourself in a favorable position to meet the quality criteria of Google.

  1. Core Web Vitals and user experience SEO

Google’s update for page experience is likely to be the most significant algorithm change for 2021, and it’s anticipated to have long-lasting ramifications into the coming year. As Google describes, page experience refers to signals that gauge the way users perceive their experience of engaging and interacting with web pages beyond their information value. Additionally, other aspects of user experience come with the update, namely the Core Web Vitals. Ensuring that every element is addressed accordingly will help optimize user experience.

Keep in mind that the process of adopting page experience and Core Web Vitals elements requires a fair bit of knowledge and expertise. For this reason, you may want to consider investing in the services of a professional SEO Toronto company if your company is located around the Toronto area

  1. Link building

One of Google’s most fundamental ranking factors recommended by an experienced Toronto SEO agency is the practice of link building. However, to make the most out of it, you must take a more active approach and focus on both the quality of the links and the volume. Doing so will not just improve the brand’s online reputation and authority, but it will also create more exposure for the website and increase inbound web traffic through these SEO services.


Search engine optimization is undoubtedly an essential component of any digital marketing campaign. However, it can be a complicated affair, especially when you consider that the practices constantly change. But by following these strategies, you’ll be able to build more visibility for your brand online and edge out your competition in the process, leading to a successful venture.