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Aluminum powder fire dangers: encountered smaller ignition source in air can burst into flames; aluminum powder stained with grease within the air, which include heap storage for a long time, collector lingers, additionally easy to motive spontaneous combustion or explosion, and the smaller the aluminum powder particle size, the extra risk of explosion, when alliant steel powder for sale it reached 40g/m3 concentration above inside the air, encounter hearth can explode. Therefore, inside the control of risky chemical substances, aluminum powder is assessed as two flammable solids.

Aluminum powder fireplace is characterised with the aid of a excessive flame temperature, speedy burning pace, big explosive strength, robust radiant warmness. While burning, it turned into generally greenish blue flame and emit silvery white mild, explosion pressures can be up to six.3kg/cm2. To the encompassing homes and personal safety have first-rate adverse strength and perniciousness. Thus, fighting aluminum powder fire is difficult. First the fire scene after explosion is greater complex; 2d it wishes to pick proper fireplace extinguishing agent even as combating, and take the right fireplace fighting methods; 3 due to robust radiant warmth, hearth rescue are tough to close; fourth is aluminum powder light weight, fineness small, smooth to fly, need to preserve a cautious approach in preventing, in any other case, will make aluminum powder splashes, shape of secondary explosions, ensuing in extra losses; five is the excessive flame temperature, whilst the aluminum powder looseness is small, difficult to put out.


Extinguishing agent selection


In order to correctly extinguish fire aluminum powder, it have to be correctly pick and use of fireplace extinguishing agent. Firstly, aluminum powder on hearth can not be preventing with water and foam, it also includes due to the fact the aluminum powder surface has a layer of oxide movie commonly will not react with water. But the brand new made aluminum oxide or the movie has fallen off aluminum powder, and the fireplace or in a high temperature baking aluminum powder can quick react with water and bubbles, emit hazardous explosive combustion hydrogen, and mixed with air will shape explosive combinations. Therefore, the aluminum powder hearth ban preventing with water and foam.

Secondly, aluminum powder at room temperature can have a combustion response with chlorine and bromine, can also react with halogenated alkyl to generate a small amount of aluminum chloride plays catalytic role, it often ends in explosive combustion. Therefore, aluminum powder hearth also cannot use CTC, 1211 fire extinguishing agent to combat the blaze.

Third, aluminum powder light weight, fineness, once encountered wind or fuel jet is without problems flying to form explosive combos within the air. Therefore, aluminum powder hearth can’t use carbon dioxide and different gases extinguishers to fight the blaze.

According to the above characteristics, aluminum powder hearth fighting must use 7150 extinguishing agent or dry chemical, dry sand and graphite powder, dry magnesium, and so on. To combat the blaze. Because this fire extinguishing agent can cowl within the floor of the burning aluminum powder, to cut off the air, and may efficiently prevent the aluminum powder blowing to combine with air, with a view to obtain the motive of fire asphyxia.