Why sticker marketing is still a valuable marketing tactic 

It’s 2022. Everything is digital, instant, and paperless. Surely the world of online marketing leaves no room for something as outdated as stickers, right? 


Well, we are not so sure about that. In this blog post, we will let you in on the timeless qualities of sticker marketing and will share how you can make them work for your business. 


Did you know that stickers date back to Ancient Egypt, where they were used to advertise goods? Of course, the industry has come a long way since then and sticker makers like these guys work with the latest technology to deliver you the best possible product. 


Are you ready to find out how and why to use them? Then let’s jump right in. 


  1. Mind games work 


The success of a marketing campaign can surely be measured in spreadsheets and analytics, and that is great. But at the essence of great marketing lies something beyond numbers: the customer’s mind. 


When we think about certain products or goods, there is that one brand name that immediately pops into our minds. It can be Coca Cola or Pepsi, Apple or Samsung, McDonald’s or Burger King. 


Which brand we think of first is usually based on a gut feeling. They feel like the better option. While brand marketing like this cannot be measured, there are a few ways you can aim for that prime position. 


One of them is to create brand awareness so that when consumers come to make a purchase decision, they think of your business. Stickers can help you achieve that, simply by creating visibility and familiarity before consumers turn into customers.

  1. Gifts are timeless 


Working with stickers can be an absolute power move because they are not perceived as advertising tools. Instead, they are seen as gifts. This not only gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors but also allows you to tab into social psychology.


Upon receiving a gift, we want to return the favor. This is called the rule of reciprocity. We feel that somebody did us a favor, so now we want to repay them. In a business context, this mostly takes the form of repeat purchases or recommendations. 


How can you make use of this? Simply by adding free stickers to every single purchase or by handing out free stickers are industry events, business fares, or festivals. We recommend using vinyl stickers to hand out as they are the most resistant and versatile sticker option, which means that your customers can use them any way they want to. 

  1. An evergreen marketing strategy


We love digital marketing and the opportunities and learning that come with it. However, the digital space can often become crowded. A 2021 study found that we see up to 10,000 a day on numerous platforms. 


This means that consumers might not be at their most receptive when they see your message. We are not encouraging you to abandon digital marketing. Instead, we recommend feeding online as well as offline channels to maximize your conversion. 


Stickers are a low-cost and quick, yet highly effective way to do this. Tapping into forms of guerrilla marketing, that is unconventional, offline advertising strategies means that you can reach consumers more effectively. The offline world means fewer competitors and more interactions.


What do you think? Is sticker marketing still relevant in 2022? We absolutely think so, and if you are looking for your perfect custom stickers, make sure to have a look right here. If you have any questions or would like to share additional tips, please do so in the comments below.